Road Transportation

IVC LOGISTICS LTD has been one of the most modern and efficient transportation services which has been performing vehicle transportation for decades & and has developed a reputation as a quality vehicle transportation company that provides excellent customer service to individuals and corporations throughout the nation. Our professional staff members are trained in the safe, timely transport of various types of vehicles.

Our fleet of modern equipment has been specifically designed for maximum capacity to provide an attractive combination of outstanding quality. We guarantee to complete your vehicle shipping requirements on time and damage-free.

Also boosting the latest technology in relation to vehicle appraisals and tracking facilities, IVC LOGISTICS LTD is becoming one of the more popular choices when customers look to transport their vehicles.

Upon the entry of vehicles into one of our warehouses a full and complete dock receipt is issued. Pictures are taken and copies are emailed to our customers. We make sure your vehicle is taken care. Securing vehicles during transit is one of the most important stages. Our warehouse teams are professionally trained and our equipment is specialized. You can be confident that your vehicle will arrive at its destination in the same condition it was in when you handed it over to us.

We also offer expertise in customs document completion and clearance for vehicle transportation.