Supply Chain Management

IVC is one of the leading companies into Supply Chain Management of finished products of most of the OEM’s of vehicles. Now being into multi module logistics space, IVC offers most competitive rates and best in class services to all its customers. This has become reality since we own thousands of Own Fleet Assets of varied configurations. IVC offers end-to-end services to its customers that involves – First Mile Pickups, Long Haul Movements, Storage in Stockyards / Warehouses, Last Mile Deliveries, etc.

With its long association with most of the Automobile Manufactures, IVC has built a dedicated team of experts. This association has also helped us better our services as the time goes. We also offer customized solutions to our customers.

We value our long association with our trusted partners (Customer and Vendor) which helps us in achieving the best-in-class service levels.

We believe in technological upgradation which is visible in all our actions. We have Technologically Advanced Carriers in our Fleet, which gives our customers Uninterrupted Timely Services. We also have backend systems which are under continues upgradation there by offering value for money to all our customers.