Warehouse management is one of our core competencies and an integral part of the supply chain management we offer. Our warehousing and distribution service is designed to support our clients sourcing and distribution needs on a local level.

As consistent logistics service providers in India, we ensure safety for client’s valuable goods at every step. All facilities for safe unloading / loading are available in the premises. The seasoned security personnel, we have employed to assure proper security of the goods of our customers. We also offer value added services such as re-packing into unit size, labelling, invoicing, transportation or any other related activities as required by the customer to support their supply chain & distribution needs.

Well-guarded and spacious, our warehousing provides complete safety of the goods. Keeping the goods intact and impervious to any kind of damage, our warehousing facility is available throughout the country. Our expert freight forwarders ensure that the utmost care is taken while transit of goods to the warehouse and ensures undamaged care for stored items. Our warehousing facilities include full pick-and-pack operation, packaging facility for safe transport of the goods.

With the widest network, the best of cargo movement facilities and several value-added services to choose from, IVC LOGISTICS LTD is one of the preferred distribution solution provider in India today.


IVC LOGISTICS LTD distribution service offers you features like :

Warehousing  On - time departure of vehicles irrespective of capacity utilization

Warehousing  Assured date of delivery

Warehousing  Door pick - up and door - delivery, absolutely hassle - free

Warehousing  Weather - proof containerized vehicles for safe movement

Warehousing  One - time lock for tamper - proof transit

Warehousing  Physical proof of delivery option


As a contractor we promise to take care of all supply chain management, to make your logistics solution safe, fast and on time.